Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Possibilities Are Endless

Live The Story Today!

When I read, I get absorbed by the story.
I become the characters and I live in the pages of the book.
The people and places become very personal to me and they're like a dear friend whom I love deeply.
The best books are the ones that pull me in and don't let go; the ones that hold onto me even after I've finished the book. 
When I write, I strive to achieve that level of artistry.
I want my readers to feel the emotions of the characters and to see the world I've created unfold before them.  I want them to get lost in the story and see it in full color.
I want my readers to be captivated by the story even after they've completed the journey my tale takes them on.
I want them to be entertained, but I want them to be profoundly moved by my work.
When you read FEARS OF DARKNESS, I hope you find I've succeeded in this ambition.
I hope you will be moved by my story and that you will fall in love with the characters.
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