Friday, January 24, 2014

Learned Behaviors

Share The Love Of Reading!

Two things I always loved about my mom were her insistence that my siblings and I always try new things and that she was an avid reader. My mom always made a concerted effort to expose us to a large array of music, movies, art, and cuisine. She also had stacks of books in the house and she read every single one. 

I wanted to be like my mom, but I was a wiggly kid; I had a really hard time sitting still. The exposure to various genres of music was great and I loved dancing to it all with my mom, grams, and sister. I loved the cinema and museums, though I had a more limited interest in food.  Still, I yearned to share in the worlds my mom found in her books.
I worked hard at reading. I would act the story out verbally and it helped me to focus better. Eventually, I learned to read faster, silently, and passionately. I attribute this to my mom. It is something I have tried to pass onto my daughters. Though one daughter opted to be more physically active like her dad, enjoying the great outdoors, I managed to have one daughter who found a delight for the secret worlds that exist inside the pages of books. It's nice to share that with her as I had wanted to share with my mom. It is something that helps to bring my mom closer to me which makes reading all the more endearing!
*my mom passed away in January 2001.

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