Friday, January 24, 2014

Dreams Become Words

My Dreams Inspire My Writing

I began writing FEARS OF DARKNESS when I was in high school.
I had been plagued with nightmares and writing was my way of dealing with the after shocks of the dreams.
I laid the story aside for 22 years in order to raise my beautiful daughters, but the story still spoke to me.  My husband was very encouraging and supported the idea of me revisiting my writing. 
 When I did, FEARS OF DARKNESS was the first piece I picked back up.
Originally Titled "Dark Is The Forest Of Fears", the story found a new rendition and with it, a new name.  It moves into places I hadn't known or understood as a young adult, but now grasp with the maturity of age.
I really hope that my readers enjoy the story.
I want to provide a quality product which drives my desire for excellence in syntax, grammar, spelling, and context.  Of course, nothing is ever perfect, despite our best efforts.  For Example, when I upload my manuscript in order to have the system convert the format to Kindle, I have no control of anything beyond that point.  One error that irritates me is that an apostrophe was dropped during the format conversion which I am aware of and unable to correct, regardless of my various efforts.
Still, the story if the important factor.
I want to give you an entertaining tale that evokes all the emotions the characters are experiencing.  I want you to have the same questions, worries, and even fears that the characters are experiencing.  I want you to experience the story and be so involved in it that you get lost in the world I'm describing.
I want to take you on a journey.
With that, I have purposely left some elements vague or even left out so that your imagination can fill in the blanks.  I unfold things all along, hoping you will care enough to continue reading in order to find the answers, but I leave room so you can tailor the story to be your own.
I want FEARS OF DARKNESS to be as personal to you as it is for me.
I hope that I have succeeded and that you enjoy the adventure!

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