Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best Friends

Our Dearest Friends Are Really Family

A best friend is more than a friend; they are family.
Sometimes, they seem more than that.
My husband is my best friend above all and he transcends the meaning of family;
he's my soul mate.
Of course, my best friend - female (same sex) is like a sister.  She is someone I can talk to about anything and everything.  I can be completely myself and feel secure that she will still accept me.  She is there for me in my moments of joy and achievement, but more importantly, she is there for me in my darkest hours.  Even at my worse, she stands by me without judgement, but certainly with unconditional love.  Still, she will be the first one to call me on my crap and hold me accountable.

In my novel, FEARS OF DARKNESS I explore all of these aspects of friendship and the love that binds them.
The bonds between lovers who are soul mates.
The eternal connect between trusted, loving sisters.
The bond between best friends that make you family.
Please get your copy today and discover the love of best friends!
Rae & Dakota
Best Friends Forever!

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